Project Code Spring sets out to create a framework of best practices for communities to support technological literacy, foster creativity and innovation and instill a lifelong passion for tinkering, creating and hacking. We want to make it easy for parents, teachers and interested tech-savvy citizens to make experiences for kids that put them on a path of discovery, enjoyment and imagination around technology.

The following video on the site motivated us to do something in our community. Maybe it will inspire you too.

An adventure with kids, computers and coding!

Computer Science Teachers Association

While not an exhaustive collection, the curriculum resources in this section provide useful examples of ways in which the learning standards described in the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards can be met.

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Computer Science Unplugged

The new teachers' edition collects 12 of the 20 original activities, revised and extended by Robyn Adams and Jane McKenzie to better suit elementary-aged children. It also includes advice for integrating Unplugged activities into primary school curricula.

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Raspberry Pi

The $35 Linux Raspberry Pi computer has sparked a coding revolution. Here's the inside story of the Pi, from its inspiration and development to plans for its future.

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